Why become affiliated to Bon Appetit Card?

Bon Appétit Card is aiming to be the pan-European diner's club.

With affiliated restaurants across key cities in Europe and the Middle East,  our main priority is that our members get to eat out more often and enjoy life's greatest pleasure.

Subsequently, this helps our restaurants to get more business through their door in this tough times.

You too could  become part of this international  networking club and get more business increase and customer loyalty year-on-year.

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Its so quick to setup, only took me 5 minutes and now im getting exposure to new customers every day. Thank you Bon Appetit.
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Benefits for Restaurateurs

Business increase - We bring more customers both national and international through your door

No FEES - Its so easy and fast to join Bon Appetit Card.

With our comprehensive intergrated marketing channels, we can accommodate your requirement.

Full control - You choose the right discounts to get higher margins,number of dinners and days to be used.

The offers only includes food so you will still have 100% profits on drinks consumed.

Restaurant independent profile our our site, where you can show off your talent.

Become part of an international restaurant club

What are you waiting for?

If you would like your restaurant to receive more business through your door,our team of experts we can help.

By promoting your restaurant(s) to all our International members, you will have access to more quality and loyal customers.

Click on the link below to get one of our team members to contact you.

 - Join our pan-European club now -

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